Keynote Speakers

There will be 7 world-class thought leaders presenting at the 11th Global Islamic Marketing Conference. 

Keynote Speeches: 

Prof Hasan Kabir. (University of New Orleans)  -  Topic: Islamic Finance

Dr. Tausif Malik. (Founder at Halal Angels Network, Chicago.) - Topic: Halal Angels

Specialized Presentations: 

Prof Daphne Halkias. (International School of Management, Paris; Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School. ) - Topic. The rise of women’s online, home-based business: A growing trend in digital entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Marco Tieman, (Professor of Halal Supply Chain Management, Help University, Malaysia.) - Topic: Risk management in halal supply chains

EROL USER. (President & CEO at USER CORPORATION, Istanbul) - Topic: Blockchain

Ph.D. Farrukh Habib. (Co-Founder at ALIF Technologies, Dubai) - Topic: Islamic Defi

Adel Eldin, MD FACC FACP, MBA, GGA. Board Certified Cardiologist, Founder/CEO Pronto Care, and Florida Medical Tourism, Global Healthcare. Topic: Innovative Global Healthcare Solutions

Prof. Dr. Karim C. Benvenuto, Professor of Islamic Finance and Muslim Tourism, TSA trainer - CEO "Omar Business Development". Topic. Muslim Friendly Tourism in western countries